Request Medical Records

Looking for information on routine medical records? If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, send us a message with your question.

Obtain a Copy of Your Birth Certificate

The local county clerk’s office maintains official birth records, so you’ll need to contact the vital records department of the Cook County clerk’s office. You can visit one of their locations in person, or you can find them on the web by visiting the Cook County Clerk’s Office.

Request Your Medical Records or Medical Transcripts

In order to protect your privacy, Westlake Hospital requires written authorization to release your medical records to another person or organization. Below is the Authorization to Use and Disclose Individually Identifiable Health Information, which you can print, fill out, and return to the Medical Records department or fax to the number below.

Westlake Hospital Medical Records Department

Fax number: (708) 938-7179

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to sign for release of my health information?

How much does it cost to obtain a copy of my health information?

There is no charge for releasing copies of health information directly to health care providers. The charge to release copies of health information directly to you, or your representative as per above requirements, is listed below. To reduce the cost, please consider requesting specific information rather than a complete record.

Number of Copies Medical Records
 Pages 1-25  $0.93 per page
 Pages 26-50  $0.62 per page
 Pages 51 and more  $0.31 per page

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