Saturday Afternoon C-section

Like all expectant mothers, Markita McCarroll knew her daughter’s birth was a cause for celebration, but she never imagined her doctors and nurses would treat it as such as well. The Family Birthplace at Westlake Hospital believes that every mother is special and every birth a cause for celebration, that’s exactly what Markita got the day after she underwent a C-section to deliver her daughter, Azaria.

“The nurses came into my room and asked if we were ready for dinner and a small surprise to celebrate the birth of our daughter,” Markita says. “Of course, my husband and I were touched because we had never heard of this before. It was so nice.”

Markita says the special dinner wasn’t the only surprise. She was delighted when she learned she could schedule her C-section for a Saturday — a more convenient time for her family — and found the procedure went much faster than she anticipated.

“Everything went as expected, but it was a lot quicker than I expected,” she says. “My hospital experience was great. All of the nurses were extremely nice and helpful. I was always informed about what they were doing with me and with my daughter.”

Westlake Hospital’s James Gomez, M.D., Markita’s obstetrician, cared for her from the beginning of her pregnancy through the birth of her daughter and advised her to have the C-section after learning of her previous pregnancy complications.

“I had a C-section with my son in 2008 after he was late and my labor didn’t progress,” she says. “Dr. Gomez recommended a C-section for the delivery of my daughter, but he never pressured me into it. He always answered all my questions and let me make a decision when it came to having a C-section or trying to have a regular birth.”

According to Dr. Gomez, who began working for Westlake Hospital in 2014, Markita’s C-section went smoothly.

“It was important to Markita to have her baby on July 11, which was a Saturday,” he says. “I happily accommodated her.”

Perhaps no one was more excited for Azaria’s arrival into the world than Markita’s son, Kyan, who has been doting on his baby sister since the moment she arrived home.

“He loves to hold her and kiss her,” Markita says. “He seems to be waiting on the day that she can play with him, but we'll see how long that lasts.”

Although Markita isn’t planning on having another child anytime soon, she says if she does, she’ll definitely return to Westlake Hospital.

“If I have any more children, I would love to return to Westlake for care,” she says. “The whole staff is extremely nice and helpful.”