Tests & Screenings

Getting the most accurate diagnosis is one of the first steps in proper treatment and healing. At Westlake Hospital, we offer a range of tests and screenings at our hospital. See below for common diagnostic tests and screenings. 

CT Scan

CT stands for Computer Tomography. A physician takes a CT scan of a patient to obtain more detailed, cross-sectional digital images of the body. 


A physician will perform an MRI to depict soft tissue injury and abnormalities in the injured area. The MRI allows for greater sensitivity and specificity than conventional imaging techniques. 


Surgeons use ultrasound images of the injured area to provide clearer pictures of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bone and soft tissues. 


An x-ray machine emits electromagnetic waves (radiation) that go through the body enabling a physician to see images of the patient’s sports injury. 

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