Sports Medicine

When you want to maintain or regain an active lifestyle, the experts at Westlake Hospital’s Sports Medicine Program can help you keep moving. 

Common sports injuries that athletes face can be acute (sprains, fractures or tears) or chronic (tendonitis or overuse injuries). At Westlake, we work to diagnose your injury and create an individualized treatment plan, serving our Chicago community. We offer many treatment options, including physical therapy, home exercises, medications, splints, orthotics, therapeutic injections and more. If surgery is needed, we offer advanced techniques in orthopedic surgery that offer the potential for faster healing with minimal scarring.

The Westlake Sports Medicine Program will help you achieve your physical activity goals and overcome sports injuries or other problems that keep you from enjoying your best health. Make an appointment with a sports medicine specialist at Westlake by calling (866) 938-7256.

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