​Single Incision Surgery

Westlake Hospital offers surgical options that produce better cosmetic results, minimal pain, less risk of infection, less bleeding and allow you to return home the same day. This revolutionary surgery is known as single-incision laparoscopic surgery, or SILS™. 

SILS is a laparoscopic procedure using a single incision through the belly button to accomplish any number of procedures, including gallbladder removal and gynecologic procedures such as hysterectomies. This procedure helps to avoid multiple incisions required by traditional laparoscopic surgery. Candidates for laparoscopic surgery are generally also candidates for SILS, but criteria may include having had no prior surgery and an elective or non-emergent case. To learn more, call (866) 938-7256 or find a surgeon online.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, potential problems of any surgery could include pain, injury to organs, bleeding, infection, hernia, adhesions and scarring. Evidence currently supports that traditional laparoscopic procedures generally result in better quality-of-life outcomes than open surgery, but the SILS procedure itself has yet to undergo this evaluation. 

Talk with your doctor to determine if you’re a candidate for laparoscopic surgery, including SILS surgery.