Your Visit

At Westlake Hospital, we strive to ensure that your patient experience is as pleasant as possible. When in our care, you’re not only our patient, but also our guest. Patient satisfaction is very important to us. Therefore, we want you to know what you can expect before your visit.  

We provide addresses, phone numbers, hours, maps and directions to help you find your way to our location.
Get a pre-visit checklist and see answers to common questions before, during and after a hospital visit.
Should you bring your insurance card?  Your wedding ring?  Learn what you need and what you should leave at home.
As a patient, you have specific rights while you’re receiving care.
Be prepared for all scenarios. See questions to ask and review Advance Directives and DNR directives.
We would love to know how we have made a difference. Share your story with us.
Thank a staff member, nurse or doctor for surrounding your or your loved ones with extra care, compassion, support and attention.