Spiritual Support

Mind, Body and Spirit

Spiritual Services is a hands-on expression of the Westlake Hospital mission. Our chaplains walk the halls of Westlake, working to help heal your mind, body and spirit. Their role is both simple and complex. They are compassionate listeners. They can offer comfort to you if you’re sick or suffering, whether that means singing to you or praying with you. They help you find meaning. They provide rituals of healing and sacraments of any religious affiliation, including making funeral arrangements or arranging marriage vows. They give hope. They improve the health of our community.

Spiritual Services provides an open, caring, compassionate environment that may help you to draw upon your beliefs and practices for comfort, courage and strength. Westlake chaplains value the diversity of ways in which faith is expressed and are committed to responding to your unique spiritual and emotional needs.

The Spiritual Services staff ensures that Mass is offered and several quiet areas exist so that residents, visitors and employees can reflect, pray or meditate, including chapels and prayer spaces.