Social Services

Westlake Hospital's Social Work Department understands the emotional and psychological effects of illness. Acting as liaisons between you and your doctors, social workers try to meet your needs by providing individualized services and useful resources. Our staff is sensitive, supportive and encouraging. Licensed clinical social workers successfully deal with and resolve issues related to stress, conflicts, chemical addiction, family systems, as well as other relational, occupational and stress-related situations. Call (708) 681-3000 or (800) 526 0844 to learn more about our social services.

Services Catered to Your Needs

  • Continuity of Care Planning: The professionals in the Social Work Department work closely with you, your family members, doctors and other members of the health care team to develop a discharge plan most suitable to your needs.
  • Rehabilitation: A social worker is an active member of the rehabilitation team, helping you on the road to recovery. When severe illness occurs, such as a stroke or heart attack, a social worker can guide you through the rehabilitation process. If you require additional rehabilitative services, a social worker can refer you to an appropriate rehabilitation facility and assist with the transfer to that facility upon discharge from the hospital.
  • Counseling: Short-term counseling is available in the areas of family problems, substance abuse and child concerns. In situations where you or your family members are in need of more counseling than can be provided during hospitalization, referrals are made to appropriate community agencies.
  • Long-term care: When you or a loved one is no longer be able to live at home, a social worker can provide information about nursing homes, including their level and quality of care. ​They can also help you find financial resources.