Interpretive Language Service

At Westlake Hospital, We Speak Your Language!

At Westlake Hospital, we believe that clear and accurate health information is essential to compassionate health care. To help assure quality care, medical interpreter services are available at no cost to you.

In Our Facilities

Our interpreters must be qualified to perform interpreter services in a health care setting. Many of Westlake Hospital's doctors, nurses, chaplains and others communicate in languages other than English, including Spanish, Polish and other tongues represented in our communities. Other Westlake employees have attended more than 100 hours of intensive training in order to provide competent language interpreter services.

In the event qualified interpreters aren’t available in-person at our sites, qualified telephonic medical interpreters are also available.

Translated Documents

Periodically, vital documents may be translated into different languages. These documents include:

  • Financial assistance applications and policies
  • Consent forms
  • Discharge instructions
  • Education materials
  • Patient rights handbooks
  • Admission documents

In addition to language assistance, we provide American Sign Language medical interpreters, as needed.

How to Reach Us

If you need an interpreter when you’re at one of our facilities, talk to a staff member or dial '0' on a facility phone. If you’re hearing impaired, you may dial the TTY/TTD provided.

Have Concerns?

If you’ve a concern about interpreter services at our facility, please call our Guest Relations department at (708) 681-3000 or the Illinois Department of Public Health at (800) 252-4343.